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A brand new WordPress content builder

Create Websites Faster

Create any page you can imagine with a grid-based, intuitive, drag & drop
WordPress plugin, without touching a single line of code.

Built to grow

Brix has been designed to be modular and scalable over time and it can be extended with additional functionality and components with no hassle.

SEO Ready

Boost your page ranking thanks to complete control over content markup and support to major WordPress SEO plugins like YOAST.

Padding and margin controls

Precisely control spacing for every element on every device by using px, em, % or the unit you need.

Special column structures

Combine full width section layouts or take advantage of the unique special section feature, and quickly adjust a row’s column structure with just a couple of clicks.

Vertical content positioning

You can define how a content should be vertically aligned inside a section or column, or if all the columns in a row must be stretched to the same height.

Advanced carousel functionality

Content blocks can be displayed in a carousel, as long with other elements in the same column, and you can precisely control how the carousel adapts on every responsive step.

Quickly split & merge columns

Adjust the row columns layout with just one click thanks to the innovative live split/merge controls.

Custom media query creator

You are in control of the responsive behavior of your website, creating and sharing media queries across elements.

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Simple, Intuitive &
fully Responsive

Thanks to its intuitive drag & drop interface and its powerful set of tools, you’ll be able to transform literally any WordPress theme, free or premium, into something truly awesome.

16 built-in modules

Brix modules are like building blocks, and they can be combined and arranged in any number of ways to create just about any type of website.


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Widget area

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Featured box

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… and more coming soon!

500+ icons included

Take advantage of the FontAwesome icon library is already included, or define and import your own library.

Custom color palettes

Brix comes with a set of color palettes already built-in and allows you to quickly save colors that can be reused throughout the website.

Entrance effects

Choose how elements like sections, columns or blocks appear as you scroll. You are the director.

license icon

License options

Each license option include 12 months of support and is one-off payment, just choose the one that best fit your needs.

Satisfaction guaranteed, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee

more details on

site license

Up to 5
sites license

Up to 25
sites license

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